Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

Every time I walk on the streets of Bangkok, I see a lot of temples, statues of Buddhism deities, monks in yellow color clad. I am overwhelmed with numbers of people who pray in front of them. I really realize that Thailand is a Buddhism country. The population of the Buddhist accounts for 94.6%, followed by Muslim of 4.3% and Christian of 1% according to U.S. Government information, Whereas Japan has 66.7% of Buddhist and 69% of Shinto believers. There are some 30,000 temples in Thailand. In Bangkok they have about 400 temples.

I took a red eye flight from Haneda and arrived at Bangkok early on Sunday morning. I walked to the airport train station at the basement of the airport building. I was able to get there with ease as I had used the service last year. It is a trip of about half an hour in a heavily air-conditioned train car watching rural areas. The train I took was painted by pictures of Hatsune Miku, a vocaloid mascot. Inside the car was decorated with posters and advertisements of the character. I remember the train I took last time was painted by characters from an animation title “ONE PIECE”. I felt Thais like Japanese culture.

It is Sunday morning. Streets are full of people. Shops are crowded with shoppers.

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