Kung Ming, China

I was at a CX Hong Kong launge on my way to Kung Ming in the morning of September 27, 2016 when I watched the first presidential debate between Hilary and Trump. Honestly, I was feeling sick with it. But I was still excited with my trip to the city wondering what would be waiting for me. It just started.

After the country developed rapidly in the last 30 years economically, every town has become a similar. Large roads which are bumper to bumper with vehicles, High rise buildings… Without a name of the town, we would not tell where it is. To confess how I felt when I arrived, I was a bit down. Kuming Ming is one of them as far as I can see around. I admit I am a bit harsh. Actually the place I visited is the seat of the province. I should go to the rural areas if I wish I could see something “Yunnang”. For a business traveler in 3 day stay, it is not going to happen.

I love eating at a small pop-mom eatery where I do not speak their language and they do not mine. I found such a small noodle restaurant which was run by a mom and her son near my hotel. There were many noodle shops on the street. The reason I decided to eat there was her smile. She gave me warm welcome with her smile. She tried to communicate with me by some English words and gesture. In China, they would not welcome a foreigner who does not speak their language. So I was very lucky. I ordered a noodle with soy based sauce, tomato and sesame oil by pointing what others are eating. You mix the noodle with the sauce on the dish yourself. The noodle and other ingredients are placed on the same dish separately. You will mix them yourself. they served was neither too hard nor too soft. The sauce was not salty and smelled nice. I liked the taste of the dish. I was very hungry as I had luggage with me till I got to the hotel in the evening. I got full with the food and it gave me good memory during the trip.