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Hong Kong

Hong Kong is my favorite destination. I’ve started visiting every year since 2013. I would stay at Marriott Courtyard in Sai Yin Pun near Hong Kong University, Kennedy town. It is located in front of the tram line. MTR station is just a few minute. You can go Central area in just 10 minutes. There is one more reason why I stay there: Ling Heung Kui, Dim Sum restaurant, loved by local people. It is just two stops by the tram. They open from 6:00 in the morning. They serve Dim Sum dishes by a wagon. Staff push a wagon of Dim Sum dishes and walk along the tables. You can ask them to stop, check and pick up some if there is any dish you want. If not, you can let them go and wait for another wagon to come. They are pushing a wagon of different dishes frequently. The customers are locals and most of them look regulars. There are a few tourists. The staff do not speak English. They do understand what we want by our facial expression or they let us check ourselves what in the wagon freely. It is I do not speak Cantonese. But I had any problem with them more or less. You can go easy and enjoy the food and the atmosphere of Hong Kong.

It was Saturday morning. They sat at the tables reading a newspaper or chatting each other. They look very laid-back. Maybe this is how they are doing on Saturday mornings for a long time.

I ordered a pot of Pu’er, Chinese fermented black tea and picked up four dishes from the wagon.Staff comes to my table and asked me what tea to drink. Usually, they have Jasmine tea, Pu’er, Sau Mei white tea, Chinese Green tea. I like the strong taste of Pu’er in black color. Some do not like it because they think the strong taste would ruin the taste of food. It is a mater of taste. Hot water will be refilled when you slide the lid of the pot, which is a sign to tell it is empty. Dim sum servers will check the sheet every time we pick up a dish. I just need to show the sheet at the register on my way out.

I picked a steamed meat ball, Choeng-Fun creap with thick sweet soy source, Chicken feet boiled in soy source and a steamed pork sparerib with black beans on rice. I like all of them and they tasted very well to me. I know there are high-end dim sum restaurant. But I want to know how local people are living their lives during my travel. I can interact with people even though we do not speak. This kind of restaurant give me such a wonderful experience.