Craft Beer in the open air

Since the emergency measure was enforced in my town, we have not been able to drink alcohol at restaurants for nearly two months, which is my favorite pastime on weekends. I’ve learned to buy a canned beer at a shop and drink at park. Now Rinko Park is the destination of my walk. I stop by a Seven eleven at Inter Continental pier 8 and pick up a beer from their large selections of craft beer. I always choose an Indian Pale Ale and buy some snack there. Today I chose “OLLIE” Seattle based Fremont brewing’s IPA. Cold beer satisfies my thirst and the hops’ strong aroma refreshes myself after a long walk in the early Summer morning. That is not that bad. But I cannot do this when we are in rainy season, which will set in soon. I hope the Covid 19’s measure will be cleared on June 20 as originally planned.

Beer section of Seven Eleven at InterContinental Pier 8