Kona, Hawaii

Kona, Hawaii Island

I have many reasons to visit Hawaii Island or “the Big Island” : Kona Brewing, Honoka’a town, Akaka Falls, Suisan Fish Market, to name a few. I’ve to Hilo before, but it was just a overnight stay. I had no chance to see those places. So I wanted to visit and see around the island someday.

Finally my dream has come true: I I left Narita on the Thursday midnight of April 5th and returned on the Sunday afternoon. A travel of three days with three nights.

Kona Brewing has a brewery in Kailua Kona. They have a guided brewery tour. They will explain their product by letting us taste different beers with a beer flight set after the tour. I booked the tour for Thursday afternoon. The brewery is located just behind the Marriott Courtyard where I stayed. Soon after I unpacked my luggage, I joined the tour and decided to have dinner at the restaurant there.

The next day, I drove to Akaka falls near Hilo by way of Honoka’a. Honoka’a was a small town once thrived on the sugar production, and known as the setting in the 2009 Japanese movie “Honoka’a boy”. I was very impressed with the atmosphere of the town where many Japanese immigrants once lived.

Akaka Falls is located along the highway to Hilo from Honoka’a. Turned into the right toward the mountainous area for about 30 minutes, there is Akaka falls state park at the end of the road.

Suisan is a fish product company in Hilo. They have a shop in the town. A lot of customers and holiday makers alike come to buy Poke, marinated seafood, and eat on the tables outside the shop.