Oahu, Hawaii, Jan.24 – 28, 2019

Kailua Beach, Manoa Falls trail and Poke Bowl

I’ve never seen beautiful beach like this before.  White beach, clear water, palm trees swaying in the winds. It is never an exaggeration to say ” heaven in this world”.  The beach was ever ranked the most beautiful beach in the U.S. There are no shops near the beach. Only parking lots and wash rooms. People are enjoying themselves in a quiet setting. The beach is located on North East across the island from Waikiki. I takes about an hour to come here taking a city bus by way of Ala Moana Center from Waikiki beach. I need to change at Ala Moana. I have to walk about 20 minutes from the bus stop to the beach. But it is worth visiting all the way. I thought I should come with a book and lunch and spend a day next time.

Kailua Beach Jan 2019

I also tripped to Manoa Falls. I took a bus from Ala moana bus terminal. It headed to North into a quiet residential area in the Manoa Valley in about 30 minutes. The Manoa Falls’ entrance is just a couple of minutes walk from the bus stop at the end of the route. There is the Hawaiian Natives Garden by University of Hawaii near the entrance.