Sapporo, Japan May.12, 2023

Blossom of Lilac

I’ve been to Hokkaido many time. However, they are all in Summer, Autumn and Winter. Not Spring. I decided to visit the city in May with the itinerary of three days.

I have one thing I did not try last time: To eat “Zangi“, Hokkaido style deep fried chicken. I wanted to see blossom of Lilac in the streets and visit ”Kaitaku no mura“, historical village of Hokkaido, the theme park showing their lives during the early Meiji era(1886-1912).

After arriving at Sapporo station, I walked to Akarenga Terrace, a shopping complex, near the prefectural head office. There is a restaurant Hotei in the food court in the building. “Zangi” is called soul food of Hokkaido people. The restaurant is famous for the crispy and steaming hot dish. I had a Zangi & Mapo dofu combo with a miso soup. May in Sapporo is just like early April. I felt it warms my body from inside and happy.

Zangi Karaage chiken at Hotei

After the lunch at Hotei, I visited Hokkaido University’s Botanic Garden. I like to taka a walk watching flowers and trees in the silent garden in the middle of the city. There are both Lilac and Sakura in bloom. On my way to the hotel, I saw a lot of lilacs along the bank of the Sosei river are blooming and the gentle sweet scent like that of Jasmin is wafted through the air.

Koban – Sapporo Village of Kaitaku

Next day, I left the hotel in the morning for Kaitaku no mura by taking subway and bus. This is the theme park of people’s lives in Hokkaido during the early Meiji period.