Mr.Copeland’s Spring Valley Brewery

When you go down the slope near the Bluff clinic on Yamate, you will find the building of an Elementary school and its large schoolyard down there. There was a brewery called Spring Valley Brewery. The green valley with abundant rainfall enjoyed abundant spring water. A Norway-born American Mr. William Copeland(1834-1902) started the brewery at […]


Craft Beer in the open air

Since the emergency measure was enforced in my town, we have not been able to drink alcohol at restaurants for nearly two months, which is my favorite pastime on weekends. I’ve learned to buy a canned beer at a shop and drink at park. Now Rinko Park is the destination of my walk. I stop […]


Oahu, Hawaii

I went to Honolulu with my brother last November. We visited the island to sprinkle my mom’s ashes off Oahu. She died at the age of 82 on July 1. She had suffered from series of health problem in the past few years. I have seen her becoming frail gradually. She liked travels. Hawaii was […]

Yang Tsu River

Shanghai, China

I visited Shanghai from May 20 until May 26 for business. I do not remember exactly how many times I had visited the city. It could be over 10 times. Every time I visit there, I would always realize the city is changing at a rapid pace. It’s been almost 10 years since I visited […]