Hong Kong Oct.1, 2016

Hong Kong University, streets and Dim Sum breakfast

Soon after the business meeting all completed in Kunming, I hopped on a Dragon’s flight to Hong Kong that evening.

Since I visited Hong Kong in 2015, it seems my love to Hong Kong has come to alive again. I can stay one night this time. So I had a plan to have a din sum breakfast at Lin Heung Kui and visit Hong Kong University campus near Kennedy town where I stay during this layover.

I got on the tram before 7 o’clock the following morning from Water Street toward Central and got off near Sheung wan.

This is my second time to have a din sum at the restaurant, which serves din sum on wagons by waits. You can pick up what you want looking inside the wagon. This is very old style. There are quite few restaurants to keep this style now a day. I do  need to neither speak nor understand Cantonese. When you try to look into the wagon coming near you, the wait will stop and let me check if there are any dishes you want.  If you point to a dish, she will take a rid of the dish so you can see what it is inside. I like a Chung Fun, a steamed rice roll, and a chicken feet. When I say “Chung Fung”, they think I want “Chao Fan”, a fried rice. I need to repeat several time. Then they come to understand I want Chung Fun. It takes time to get me understood. There are different type of Chung Fun, Char siu roasted port, vegetable or steamed shrimp. I like the texture of the dish. it is of soft texture and that thick taste of sweet soy sauce.  I prefer shrimp chung fun.   But when I ask Chicken feet, I show three fingers and make them move. They understand quickly. Many do not like the dish because of the appearance. It tastes good and  contains gelatin. Good for blood cell and skin to keep healthy.

I like the atmosphere of this place: steaming hot food brought by wagons, good staff who obviously enjoying working, customers who spend time like they are at their home. I wish I could have such a nice place near my home. I took a chung fun, roast pork with rice, chicken feet with Bo-Lay black tea to wash down them. I left there around 8 o’clock.

I went to Chenung wan by tram and walked around the streets. Then I took MTR to HKU station. There is an elevator at the station which takes you to the entrance of the school on the hill top. You can see the harbor from the campus. The moist and gentle winds from the harbor feel good. It seems a good location to study something for me who was burned and raised in Yokohama. There were a few students in the campus of quite Saturday morning.  I returned to the hotel as I had to check out before 12 o’clock.