Kunming, China Sept.27, 2016

Breakfast at CX-Hk lounge, Streets and People

The center of the city is crowded with people and the roads are with cars and trucks. The city has developed at the rapid speed in the last thirty years and old buildings were demolished to build the modern city and their life has changed. Walking through those clean streets, I ran into an area of small businesses in old buildings are lining. A couple is working to make something on the street from where soaring modern buildings can be seen. People of Kunming are living modern and old. That is what we, Japanese, experienced during high economic growth period in the 1960’s. Most of People I saw on the streets look Han Chinese. Majority is Han Chinese. During the stay, I was able to see a woman in her tribal clothes at Kunming railway station. I think she must have come to this town by railway.

There are street vendors of fresh fruits on the road. Somedays such scenes might disappear I am afraid.