Oahu, Hawaii, Jan.24 – 28, 2019

I’ve never seen beautiful beach like this before.  White beach, clear water, palm trees swaying in the winds. it is never an exaggeration to say ” heaven in this world”.  The beach was ever ranked the most beautiful beach in the U.S. There are no shops and parking lots around.  People are enjoying themselves in a quiet setting. I thought I should come with a book and lunch and spend a day next time.

Chongking, China Sept, 2018

The city along the Yangtze river is a starting point of many cruises to the Three Gauges Dam. It is known as mountainous city. The center of the city is occupied with modern tall buildings. But It still keeps the atmosphere of old Chinese city, which Shanghai has lost now.  During my stay, I was able to enjoy myself walking around in those nice atmospheres.
As it is called mountainous city, there are a lot of slopes. There were a lot of workers called “Bang Bang” who carry parcels, cartons, etc.,..

Kona, Hawaii Apr.8, 2018

I flew a direct flight to Kona, the Big Island by JAL. I’ ve been here before in july, 2001 by JAL. But I arrived at Hilo, the eastern town in the island that time. I remember the flight flew along east side of the island shore line, which was black and smoke from lava flowing into the waters. This flight touched down the airport soon after the land appeared.

Macau Sep.9, 2017

I headed to the ferry terminal in Sheung Wan soon in the rainy morning after I grabbed some dim sums at Lin Heung Kui.

This small island was once a step stone for Jesuit monks to spread Christianity to East Asia. I wanted to visit the historic area of the former Portuguese colony and enjoy its exotic atmosphere somedays. I was visiting Hong Kong to attend a business meeting and leaving for Tokyo..

Qingdao, China May.16 through 19, 2017

I visited Qingdao to attend a business meeting from May.17 through 19, 2017. This is a new place for me to visit first time in China. I was a bit excited about this trip. I left Haneda by a Cathay Dragon’s red-eye flight and got by way of Hong Kong after 12 hours.

Qingdao,  once a German colonial town before the WWW.I, is a beautiful city on the south of the Shangdong peninsula, Northeast China…

Hong Kong Oct.1, 2016

I went to Chenung wan by tram and walked around the streets. Then I took MTR to HKU station. There is an elevator at the station which takes you to the entrance of the school on the hill top. You can see the harbor from the campus. The moist and gentle winds from the harbor feel good. It seems a good location to study something for me who was burned and raised in Yokohama. There were a few students in the campus of quite Saturday morning.  I returned to the hotel as I had to check out before 12 o’clock.

Kunming, China Sep.27, 2016

I took a red-eyed flight by Cathay Dragon from Haneda and landed at Hong Kong early in the morning. Few people were there in the vast gate area. I am taking another flight to Kunming the afternoon. I decided to stop by “Cabin”, one of the Cathay Pacific’ lounges to have breakfast and kill time. After having Yakisoba noodle with beer, I moved to another section and relaxed with snack and drink. I realized some people got around a large..

Hong Kong May.15, 2015

After landed the current job, I was working hard without taking any vacation since then. I found a travel book on the tram of Hong Kong and the towns long the system at a book store. That made me think when the last time I visited Hong Kong was and I wanted to visit my most favorite place of the world again. I planed a trip of two days with three nights into the city and booked the flights and the hotel room. My theme of this trip was taking tram end to end on the island and din sum at a local restaurant loved by locals……

Xiamen, China Sep.5, 2014

Xiamen is a city in Fujian province, just around the corner’s stone to Taiwan off the coast. You can see the island from there if the weather is good. I could not see it during the stay. But the large sign board claiming the Senkaku islands are theirs. I was not comfortable watching the board with the idea they are hostile to us. But the people I met were friendly. It has the warm climate throughout the year.

Ayutaya, Thailand Oct.27, 2013

I am staying at Courtyard Bangkok on the weekend before going to Phuket beach for a business meeting. I planed to visit Jim Thompson’s house and Ayutthaya. Ayutthaya is located approximately 80km north of Bangkok. The city thrived as the seat of the Ayutthaya Dynasty from the 14th century until the 18th century. Now the area of the ruins of the city called Ayutthaya Historical Park is registered as a world heritage site. I joined the half day tour by Panda Bus tour..

Bangkok, Thailand Oct.31, 2012

This is my third visit to Bangkok. Last time I visited a decade ago, I remember the airport has no access to MTR and I had to take a taxi to get down to the city center in a crowded road. The airport has been replaced by a new airport which had MTR service. Now I enjoyed view of Bangkok from the window of the MTR train.

I flew by Japan Airlines from Narita..

Maui, Hawaii Jun.17, 2011

I and my parents woke up and got on a van for the airport early in the morning to catch a flight to Maui. It was the first time for me to visit Maui. I am so exited like a kid on a field trip at school…….